He's an Academy Award winner, one of the sexiest men alive...and an expert in tween news.

Yes, Ben Affleck may be in the ranks of Hollywood's A-listers, but that doesn't protect him from his 11-year-old daughter, Violet's desire to teach him everything there is to know about her current interests.

In fact, the actor joined The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and dished about what it's like to raise a tween-age daughter. "Well, I've become an expert on the tweens," he explained.

"I don't know how much Radio Disney you listen to, but I hear quite a bit," he said sarcastically. "When we get in the car, it's got to come on right away, it's gotta stay on the whole time. I hear a lot about the romantic adventures of Disney characters who are on the Disney channel."

He added, "We go to Taylor Swift concerts, and that's my life," he shrugged and smiled before making sure to note, "Taylor Swift is great by the way. She's a great role model."

Well, T.Swift, that's a pretty solid name to have in your corner!

Ben Affleck, Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Speaking of his kids, Affleck revealed he went on a skiing trip with Matt Damon and his Golden Globe-winning brother Casey Affleck's family over the holidays. When asked whose kids are the most well-behaved, he assured viewers once again that Jennifer Garner is the best mother...but that doesn't mean his kids are perfect.

"I have the world's greatest mom, but even she cannot conquer the obstacles there," he laughed. "Matt's kids are pretty well-behaved. My brother's kids are pretty great. They're all great kids."

Meanwhile, now that awards season has officially kicked off, he also recalled what it was like winning Best Screenplay for Good Will Hunting at the 1998 Oscars when he was just 25-years-old.

"It was only until I came back around with Argo that I really appreciated what it meant [to win an Oscar] and what it signified," the now 44-year-old explained. "But we were literally kids, and it was totally overwhelming."

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