Shannen Doherty continues to honor the team that is helping her slay breast cancer, as she moves onto the next phase of her treatment regimen.

The 45-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed alum was diagnosed with the disease in 2015 and has documented her battle on Instagram. She has undergone a single mastectomy, chemotherapy and most recently completed radiation therapy, marking the last of her most grueling cancer treatments.

Doherty posted on Instagram Friday a photo of herself, her Beverly Hills-based radiation oncologist and two medical staff members standing in front of a radiation therapy machine nicknamed Maggie.

"Thank you Vantage Oncology and Dr Leslie Botnick," Doherty wrote. "Thank you to all that work there, especially Anna, Vince, Mike (pictured here) and Jackie."

"And a big thank you to Maggie," she added. "Everyday you rotated around me, I knew you were zapping the last of those pesky micro cells lingering behind. Here's hoping I never see you again sweet Maggie!!! #lovethiscrew #cancerslayer"

Shannen Doherty, Cancer Doctors


After completing her radiation therapy, Doherty headed to get her gray hair dyed brown. It has started to grow back after she finished chemo.

"What do you do to celebrate end of radiation? You run to @ramireztransalon and see @johnnyramirez1 to transform your hair color (let him do whatever he wants cause he's that good and that lovely) and then sit with @anhcotran for the best haircut and just to revel in his pure radiance," she wrote. "Love these two. #cancerslayer with good hair now!!!"

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In November, Doherty honored her reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer. That month, Doherty began radiation therapy.

Doherty introduced "Maggie" to her Instagram followers earlier this week.

In October, Doherty paid tribute to her other oncologist, Dr. Lawrence Piro, and other nurses who treated her.

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"This is Maggie," she wrote, alongside a photo of herself posing playfully next to the radiation therapy machine. "I've seen Maggie five days a week for what seems like forever. We have a love hate relationship. I love her because she's part of the life saving treatment I'm receiving. It's astounding how far we have come with technology. One day, Maggie will be retired and the cure will be found."

"Things like immunotherapy are the future but for now.... it's me and Maggie," Doherty said. "I'm seeing her twice tomorrow so that I can wrap this phase up faster. Goodnight sweet Maggie. See ya tomorrow. #cancerslayer."

Doherty is now set to take immunotherapy drugs to stimulate her immune system to kill cancer cells. Such medications can also bring side effects, although they are typically not as harsh as the ones patients tend to suffer while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

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The following day, she shared a photo of herself and her mother driving to a radiation therapy session.

"Double radiation day here I come!!!" Doherty said. "Got @themamarosa and @missbowiedoherty with me. Maggie here I come. #cancerslayer #homestretch #gettingitdone."

In addition to dealing with physical effects of her cancer treatments, Doherty has also had to deal with the different reactions from the public. She had last month shared a sad story about how a "random girl" seemed "horrified" to share an elevator with her after she had gotten a radiation treatment.

"Just a heads up.... 1. You can't catch it 2. The radiation won't leak out of me and go into you. Hope that helps. #cancertruths from the #cancerslayer," she wrote on Instagram. 

Despite the grueling treatments, which have zapped her energy, Doherty has tried to keep fit and active during the process. She has posted videos of herself working out by dancing.

"I believe that just moving helps so much in the healing process," she wrote last October. "It's not always easy and sometimes I can't do it the next day but I try to make an effort to get the blood flowing and the toxins out of my body thru working out."


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Doherty posted on Instagram Thursday a video of her dancing with her trainer, Neda.

"Went from morning radiation to dance with Neda @jammalibu," she wrote. "Now shower then back into town for second radiation. Had to move to stay motivated!!! @sarahmgellar get ready... you're up!! #cancerslayer and #slayer."

"@theshando amazes me each and everyday. #the queen #cancerslayer," Neda wrote. "It's been rough with radiation but she still comes in to her workouts with her head up high and says 'give it to me' lol and trust me I do!"

"This is her after radiation doing repetitive dance intervals at a very high intensity!" she said. "After this workout she goes back for another session of radiation. #noexcuses and she never feels sorry for herself. #myhero #shannendoherty #fightlikeagirl #homestretch #onelove ♥#oldschool #whoopthereitis #gangsterrap."

It's so important when battling a disease like cancer to have friends like @sarahmgellar thank you for always having my back and educating all about this disease. Love you. #Repost @sarahmgellar with @repostapp ??? Today is recognized as #internationalbreastcancerday, although for some people, that is everyday. I am only a footnote in this picture. To my left is the @theshando, my friend who is kicking cancer in the you know what. But more than that, she is sharing her battle, so people fighting this horrible disease know they are not alone. I am inspired by her on the daily. To my right is Dr Lawrence Piro, the Oncologist who has been side by side in Shannen's fight. It's not a job to this incredible doctor, it's his life. I have never been in the company of a more passionate or dedicated scientist. He is the true definition of a hero. I am honored to know you both. Breast cancer is nowadays the most frequent malignant tumor in the world. But with early detection and incredible doctors like Dr Piro, breast cancer can be fought and won. So today I urge you, make an appt to get checked or even remind a friend to get checked or just think pink and honor those fighting this battle today and everyday.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and other celebs have expressed their support for Doherty publicly amid her cancer battle.

"From one slayer to another- 'the hardest thing in the world is to live in it' thank you S for showing us all how to live," the Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum wrote on Instagram in response to Doherty's post, which she reposted. "I want an invite to dance and celebrate with you please."

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