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Things have changed, haven't they?

Once upon a time, there were certain Hollywood leading ladies that were known to be dubbed America's Sweethearts. They were your Julia Roberts, your Halle Berrys, your Sandra Bullocks, your Jennifer Anistons...

And now, as we continue to welcome a new generation of starlets, we have started to wonder who will take on the throne of being named America's Sweetheart for the younger generation. While there's definitely a number of famous ladies who seem to hold up to the title, there also doesn't seem to be just one star who fits the bill.

Here are 10 female stars who we think are in the running to become America's new-age Sweetheart...

Jennifer Lawrence

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1. Jennifer Lawrence: J.Law has constantly come up in conversations of the new-age sweethearts, and with her undeniable charm and wit, it's no surprise. But maybe her OMG-worthy comments would clash with the title? Or maybe she's actually too cool for the nod? At least, that's what Roberts thinks.

ESC: Emma Stone

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2. Emma Stone: Who can't love that quirky personality, sweet smile and baby blues? This actress has snuck her way into our hearts both on and off the big screen, but is she big enough to be considered America's Sweetheart? The jury is still out on that, but there's no doubt that she'll well on her way.

Emma Watson


3. Emma Watson: Aside from her incredible talent in film, Watson is philanthropic and constantly exhibits admirable poise, style and wit. However, she's also British, so that may rule her out of the running as America's sweetheart.

Zendaya, GLAAD Media Awards

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4. Zendaya: She sings, she acts, she dances, she speaks up, she designs fashion, she stands her own and she's a positive role model. At just 20 years old, this young star has already created a wave that is all her own, so calling her America's Sweetheart wouldn't be too far-fetched. But considering the fact that she steers away from labels, she may not be a fan of the title.

Selena Gomez, AMAs, 2016 American Music Awards

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5. Selena Gomez: This brunette beauty has grown in front of our eyes. From her early days on Disney to topping the musical charts and appearing on the big screen, the public has experienced Gomez's journey front and center, both the good and the difficult. It's easy to consider Selena one of America's Sweetheart, but as a former Disney Darling, perhaps she'd rather leave that image (and the pressures that come with it) behind?

ESC, Taylor Swift, Hair Evolution

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6. Taylor Swift: The singing superstar has taken practically every tale of the heart and turned it into a hit song. Mix that with her candid personality, charitable efforts, and killer squad, Swift has definitely become a sweetheart to her fans. However, she's no stranger to controversy, either. Swift has been a part of a few public feuds in recent years (Hey, Kanye West! What's up, Katy Perry?), so we gotta wonder, will that bad blood stop her from being America's sweetheart?

Blake Lively


7. Blake Lively: Balancing celebrity, mommyhood and enviable style can't be easy, yet Lively handles it all with such grace and demeanor. And although Blake has some notable films under her belt, has she hit enough movie star fame to be America's Sweetheart?

ESC: Chrissy Teigen, Tresemme


8. Chrissy Teigen: Hubby John Legend said it best when he sang, "What would I do without your smart mouth?" Chrissy has become known for her blunt dialogue, especially when it comes to shutting down haters on the interwebs, and we've grown to love her for always keeping it real. But America's Sweetheart? Mmm, more like America's Best Friend Who Doesn't Take Any S--t.

Lauren Conrad

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9. Lauren Conrad: LC tip-toed into fame when reality TV became the new wave, but she's managed to heighten her celebrity into multiple (and successful!) business endeavors. She may not be the traditional sense of America's Sweetheart, but she's managed to carve out her own lane in becoming a star that many admire.

Gina Rodriguez

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

10. Gina Rodriguez: The star, who is best known as Jane the Virgin, may be new to the scene, but in the short time she's been on everyone's radar, Rodriguez managed to make quite the impression. No one will forget her Golden Globes win and the inspiring speech declaring that she can, and she will. But can she be America's Sweetheart? We will see.

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