Stephen Colbert, Oprah Winfrey


You get scrambled eggs!

Oprah Winfrey showed up to the set of The Late Show on Tuesday night with that very promise when she vowed to show Stephen Colbert how to cook up a sexy breakfast. The Weight Watcher spokeswoman tied on an apron, stepped behind a skillet and got to cracking eggs. 

"What makes it sexy? Do you eat it naked in front of a full length mirror?" Colbert joked. 

Instead, Winfrey was going to physically spice things up by mixing up a hot salsa to layer on top of the eggs. To keep the Weight Watchers points low, she stuck to two egg whites with one full egg mixed in. For added decadence, she instructed Colbert to pile on the truffle zest. See, even with truffles, you can shed the pounds on Weight Watchers.

"It has worked for me and it's not a diet and I have not sacrificed one day of losing 42.5 pounds," the spokeswoman assured the audience. 

"Now, truffle zest—is that only for billionaires?" the host joked. Instead, the media mogul revealed it only costs about $12. "Wow, it's like the market in truffles has crashed," he retorted. 

Fortunately, the meal was a hit. "That is extremely sexy and I'm in a relationship right now," Colbert described. 

However, as the host pointed out, Winfrey has a knack for making anything sound great with her trademark talk-sing voice. The 62-year-old former daytime host revealed that it all started thanks to a Hollywood icon. 

"You know how that started? John Travolta was on my show many years ago and I just love John Travolta," she recalled. "I said, 'Coming up next John Travoltaaaaa' and it just sounded so good."

"I was just so happy to be talking to John Travoltaaa!"

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