When it comes to Kate Hudson, she's an open book. 

The actress partnered up with longtime pal and fashion designer Michael Kors for his third-ever Glamour Games, a viral video segment that tested just how much Kate and Michael know about each other's most favorite things. Things quickly took a turn for the candid when the blond stunner was asked to reveal her fave celebrity crush. 

Kate didn't pause to play coy, and instead teased, "'The Dude' in The Big Lebowski. He kind of weirdly looks like he could be my dad's brother!" Unfortunately, Michael couldn't pair Hudson's pops Kurt Russell to the man in question and Kate ultimately responded, "Jeff Bridges. He's so cool."

For the record, Hudson is exactly three decades younger than the 67-year-old Oscar winner, but hey, age is totally just a number. 

From favorite red carpet trends to most beloved romantic comedy and even their boy band of choice, Hudson and Kors left nearly no topic untouched during their hilarious interview. 

While Kate proved to be quite knowledgeable about her BFF's fave cocktail (piña colada, because duh) and his most memorable concert experience (Barbra Streisand, because also duh), Michael didn't fare as well. 

As for the actress' favorite hangover cure, her clue referring to "a tomato drink with vodka" seemed obvious, but Michael made the fatal mistake of mixing up Bloody Mary's with Screwdrivers. How dare he! 

For even more confessions from Kate and Michael, watch the rest of their Glamour Games episode above!

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