Jenni "JWoww" Farley Takes the E!Q in 42 and, Let's Just Say, Her Priorities Have Changed Over the Years

JWoww answers our burning questions but it's hubby Roger who takes the heat

By Natalie Finn Jan 03, 2017 2:00 PMTags
Watch: JWoww Takes the E!Q in 42

JWoww is too funny.

Jenni Farley sat down with E! News recently to talk about everything that's new with her and her family (the fam including BFF Snooki, of course) and while we had her in the hot seat, of course we wanted her to answer our rapid-fire questions.

So, she took the E!Q in 42 and we're still laughing from her talking about what husband Roger gets up to now that the mother of two would choose a nap over sex any day.

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Although perhaps the most eye-opening answer was the one about what happens to your reality-TV viewing habits when you're on reality TV...

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You'll just have to watch and judge for yourself.

Meanwhile, JWoww's got a website, Miss Domesticated; a new show, go90's Snooki and JWoww: Moms With Attitude; her JWoww Cosmetics line, which has two new lip stain colors named after her kids, Meilani and Greyson; and a new Disney-themed sleeve tattoo.

"My tattoo is about 'happily never after,'" she told us. "I'm happy because now Disney is going through this new phase, where it's all about empowering women, not about the man anymore. But when I grew up in 80s it was always about the damsel in distress and the knight in shining armor, so you grow up thinking that and it doesn't happen."

So the tats aren't about unhappiness, but rather working hard to make it on your own, no matter whether there's a prince in the picture or not.

"Roger is my knight in shining armor, but reality is not like this, it takes work," she said.

And sleep. Let's not forget about the sleep, whenever possible.