Gather round, young children, for we have a festive Christmas tale. Our story begins in magical Tokyo, a land of pagodas and sushi and more neon lights than your eyes know what to do with. 

It is here in Japan that one of Santa's most loyal assistant's lies in wait all year, giddily anticipating the start to the holiday season. For she is, quite possibly, one of Christmas' biggest fans; it's why she's a loyal assistant to Santa, after all! 

This cheery elf practices her Christmas routine all year, from stealthily climbing up to the roof of her traditional Japanese mansion, to dancing in a Santa suit (on loan directly from The Big Guy!) to sliding down the chimney with ease. And now that we are but a handful of days away from Christmas eve, the entire world gets to revel in her holiday delight. 

The elf we speak of is Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to Japan. She also happens to be the only living offspring of the John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but it's clear here that her fidelity also lies with Father Christmas. 

And the holiday delight we speak of is this gift of a viral video, that Ambassador Kennedy recorded to embarrass herself spread Christmas cheer for all to hear. And spread it did, because the YouTube clip has gone fully viral in Japan. And something tells us it's not because they're so enthused by foreign diplomatic relations. 

As you'll see in the video above, Ambassador Kennedy/Caroline Clause will stop at nothing to bring a Christmas smile to her constituent's faces, whether that be by doing a super sick step-tap-and-clap dance on the rooftop, using mind-bendingly awesome special effects (was that a GoPro, girl?), or simply wrapping a bunch of presents that are surely just for show. 

After our faces finally un-cringed, we came to appreciate her complete commitment to something that so many people hold dear: Viral videos. Think of all the ways that families can come together with the aid of this video. Getting into a political argument over dinner? Show this video. Is Uncle Charlie drunk again? Show this video. Did everyone get food poisoning from your cookies? Show this video.

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