Jenni "JWoww" Farley knows the day may come when her kids may want to get crazy and get loud.

And when the time comes to experience the Jersey Shore life, mom will be ready.

When sitting down with E! News, the woman behind JWOWW Cosmetics opened up about her tight relationship with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her family. Let's just say both moms have kids that are very much alike.

"It's crazy. [Our kids] are our mini-me's. They have the same personalities as we do and I have to save the bail money for in 20 years when my daughter wants to go to Seaside and do something stupid," JWoww shared with E! News while supporting her go90 series titled Snooki & JWoww: Moms With Attitude. "Then Snooki and I started laughing because we'll be in Seaside with them."

She added, "We're never going to change. We're just going to be better parents."         

Jenni Jwoww Farley, 2016 MTV VMAs

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

While Jersey Shore may have ended four years ago, both Snooki and JWoww have stayed close as they've expanded their respective families, said "I Do" and become proud moms.

And while their nights out at Karma may be long over, they still know how to have fun.

"I don't think much has changed with Nicole and I except that we got older, married and kids. We still have the same personality," JWoww explained to E! News. "We still send each other—it's now private and not on MTV anymore—the craziest stuff behind the scenes."

What isn't so private is JWoww's journey to getting fit after the birth of her two children. After giving birth to her son Greyson in May, the face behind had a goal to look her best just in time for the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Between exercise, clean eating, breastfeeding and help from a MMA nutritionist, JWoww was able to accomplish all of her goals and more.

"I actually weigh less than I did on Jersey Shore," she explained to us. "And I only remember that because I got really sick season one and I had to go to the doctor and they weighed me at the doctor and then the cameras zoom in."

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