David Burtka, Harper Grace Burtka-Harris, Neil Patrick Harris, Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris

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Neil Patrick Harris' pint-sized kids have giant ambitions this holiday season!

The How I Met Your Mother alum and Broadway star recently posted on Instagram a photo of a Christmas wish list handwritten by his and David Burtka's son Gideon, 6. The boy's note reads, "1 bounce house, 2 life size rocket ship."

In an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday, Harris talked about the child's list.

"We live in the city. That's what I said to him—'Where are we supposed to put a life-sized rocket?'" the actor said. 

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Harris also revealed that Gideon's twin sister Harper also asked for unusual and gigantic gifts.

"Our daughter Harper asked for a pink karaoke machine," he said. "Pink? I get the karaoke part but does it need to be pink?"

"The other thing that she asked for was a doll house, but a life-sized doll house for her," Harris continued. "And I said... she's 48 inches tall. I said, 'Harper, a life-size doll house is just a house. You want me to get a house for you?' And she said, 'Yeah.' And I said,' What is it with these giant gifts? Where do we put a life-sized doll house that's large enough for you or a person?' And she said, 'On the roof.'"

I really love one of these gifts. #papa

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A video posted by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

Last year, the twins received Christmas gifts that did not require a building permit.

Two of my top three gifts today. My children + Haunted Mansion = squee!

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And Harris got one that incorporated many of the loves of his life; His kids and Disneyland.

During The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Harris also talked about one of his family's best traditions: Themed Halloween costumes for the whole crew. This year, he, Burtka, Gideon and Harper dressed up like old Hollywood iconsGroucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin,Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

"What I think is going to be tough is when [the kids] start dictating what the costumes are gonna be," Harris said. "That's the arms race."

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