Tyler Ritter


Tyler Ritter may have just experienced a Christmas miracle.

Earlier this week, the Arrow star endured something no happily married person wants to deal with: Yes, he misplaced his wedding ring.

"If you ever lose your wedding ring in a grassy field, get used to looking at this…" he shared on Twitter when holding a metal detector. "I'll be back in the morn."

When one fan asked if this is worse than dropping your keys down an elevator shaft, Tyler was quick to keep it real.

"This is worse," he added. "But a woman pushing a cart nearby at one point said, ‘hey kid' and tossed me a nickel which was very nice. #Silverlining?"

Don't worry, guys. This story gets happier real fast.

On Wednesday evening, the actor updated his followers on the search for his valuable piece of jewelry. Spoiler alert: It's a very happy ending.

"A stranger saw me just now still searching with my metal detector," he wrote on Twitter while showcasing the special item. "She turned out to be my neighbor. She found it last night #TearsOfJoy."

Tyler continued, "And what a quintessential Los Angeles story: Hollywood ending between neighbors who had never met! Make today National Love Thy Neighbor Day."

It's a happy ending for a man who recently celebrated his nine-year anniversary. Earlier in the month, Tyler and his wife marked their milestone by visiting Hamilton on Broadway. Tyler also shared a throwback of the moment he first met his leading lady.

Hey Tyler, promise you'll be a bit more careful going forward?

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