Dane Cook has found himself in some hot water over controversial comments he made regarding Nick Cannon's turban.

The America's Got Talent host has been wearing the head piece for years, admitting it reflects his spirituality among other things. However, when he rocked a pink turban during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (which aired Monday), it apparently sent Cook over the edge.

The comedian took to Instagram Tuesday to share a close-up of Cannon's ensemble and went off on him. 

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"Last night Nick Cannon wore this shit," Cook began in the caption. "He put this on his head and he looked in a mirror and he walked away from the mirror without saying to himself, 'Hey self mayyyyyybe I shouldn't look like Zoltan and wear a [f--king] pink turban with one of the infinity stones from Avengers on it."

He continued, "He wore a matching tie and bottom lip lipstick too to match this horrific clothing mistake x10000...This pic makes me so frustrated that I want to delete it already and I think I will because this makes me want to quit Instagram. Don't get me wrong Nick is a good guy and he and I go way back but I'm gonna have to call Nick out here and say he Cannon't wear this [f--king] thing again."

Yo @DaneCook call me so I can explain this Muthafuckin King Business to you!! ??????#MoorishMindset #SikhLife #ReconditioningOurCommunities

A photo posted by LORD NCREDIBLE ALMIGHTY ??IkeT?? (@nickcannon) on

Though many commenters (over 500, in fact) took it upon themselves to stand up for Cannon and explain to Cook why the post was "ignorant" and "disrespectful," the actor made sure to respond on his own as well.

Cannon also took to Instagram to respond, sharing a collage of himself wearing different turbans with the caption, "Yo @DaneCook call me so I can explain this Muthaf--kin King Business to you!! #MoorishMindset #SikhLife #ReconditioningOurCommunities."

It doesn't look like Cook's comments will keep Cannon from wearing anything, let alone his turban. In fact, just last month, Cannon opened up to People magazine about why he chooses to wear the head piece, which represents more than just a fashion statement in his eyes.

"I want to represent my inner king, and to do it in a fly way," he said. "It's a great conversation piece but it also allows me to express that spiritual side…I have a good time with it, but it actually does mean a lot to me."

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