Mira Sorvino

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Mira Sorvino's a gal we sorta miss in the spotlight—we've almost forgotten about her after her Oscar win for Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite, a part that surely would have gone to ScarJo had she been of age back then. We won't forget all the horrifying stuff that went down onset during the filming of her latest boob-tube flick anytime soon, tho.

On a press tour for The Last Templar, Mir dished on all hell breakin' loose during a water scene. First up, babe's contacts were washed straight out of her eyes by a giant wave; then the hook she was holding onto for balance smacked her in the face, breaking five of her front teeth.

"Blood everywhere!" exclaimed M.S. "My lip was all split and open."

But that wasn't the worst of it:

Even grosser than getting your pearly whites knocked out of your mouth? She had to do a passionate kissing scene with costar Scott Foley right after. And Sorv was suffering from one horrible hacking cough, too. Mira remembers telling the director, "I don't know if you really want to do this. First of all, I'm, like, bleeding from the lip, and I'm kind of mangled looking. But second of all, I'm going to make Scott sick. He's going to get really sick."

And Scottie did—two weeks stuck in bed, poor dude. But that wasn't the most unfortunate part for Foley. "The only thing worse than ending up sick," gabbed S.F., "was pulling back after every take—this is disgusting—with gobs of Mira's mucus in my mouth."

Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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