Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney Pictures

Having a hell of a hump day? It's nothing a bit of Disney magic can't take care of. Even if you are having a great day, and just need a dose of nostalgia, you need to watch this vid. Disney Movies Anywhere released a clip of the OG Beauty and the Beast cast members recording "Be Our Guest." The behind-the-scenes look puts faces to familiar voices like Belle, Gaston and Lumiere to name a few. Pretty fascinating when you discover who is behind your favorite Disney childhood films. Um, like when Steve from Full House was also Aladdin? RIGHT? 

The title of the clip is Beauty and the Beast: The Recording Sessions and features snippets of the voice actors next to their characters as they both say their lines together. It's a trip to watch; that's for sure. Everyone from Chip and Mrs. Potts to Cogsworth made an appearance. The scene starts with Belle gasping over the Beast's library and leads into the "Be Our Guest" scene and song. It ends with a little montage of all the voice actors. Le sigh. Nostalgia is so bittersweet.

On the bright side, what better way to get jazzed for the release of the 25th-anniversary edition of the film, amiright? Also how the hell has it been that long since this movie came out?! Someone, please explain. Anyhoo, the polished, new version of the classic princess film is out now, and will be available on Blu-Ray on September 20.

Disney notes, "An all-new digital restoration makes the feature more magical than ever. Be our guest and let the music you'll never forget and the characters who will fill your heart cast a shimmering spell like never before." SOLD! Let's be real, though. We were totally going to watch this before they said that. It looks like the new version will have more behind-the-scenes features like this video. Look for camera tests, an alternate story opening, deleted scenes and even deleted songs! Screaming.

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