Mandy Moore  has continued to find the silver lining after her divorce from Ryan Adamsearlier this year.

The former couple split up in January 2015 after almost six years of marriage. At the time, they released a joint statement saying, "Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have mutually decided to end their marriage of almost 6 years. It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are asking for media to respect their privacy at this time."

Their divorce became official in June, and since then, Moore has stayed strong, finding lessons within the heartbreak as a means for moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.

In fact, here are six things the 32-year-old has learned after the breakup:

Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams

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1. Heartbreak Can Inspire Creativity: Breaking her silence about the divorce, Moore told a panel at the Television Critics Association in August, "It's tough. Life is not easy. [But] I think it's been great to be able to take all of the chapters in my life and be able to pour it into a job like this because it all helps. It's all fuel," she said, while discussing her upcoming fall show This Is Us.

2. One Door Closed Is Another Door Open: "I think everything happens for a reason," she told the panel. "I think I spent a good portion of the last years of my life really pouring all of my energy into my life and relationship, and now that that's sort of not part of my life any more. It's just not a coincidence to me that things sort of opened back up, and I'm able to focus back on myself again."

Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams

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3. The Only Way to Move Is Forward: Chatting with E! News at the HFA Grants Gala in August, she said she's gotten tougher with the circumstances of life and learned how to move forward in a positive direction. "I'm strong," she told us. "I feel great. Life is hard, man, but you know it's all part of it and you just take that stuff and you know you use it as fuel and pour it into your work and try to make sense of all of it. You put one foot in front of the other. Life happens."

4. Allow Yourself to Feel Everything: "There are moments of being curled up in a ball on the floor," Moore told People magazine of the months following her split. "It's really hard. But I've moved on and progressed in the stages of grief and being angry and feeling the loss and all that. I do believe things happen for a reason. And I think I had that mantra moving through the trying times."

Mandy Moore


5. Being Alone Has Allowed Her to Learn More About Herself:  "I wasn't a participant in my own life for awhile," Moore told People. "I poured so much of myself into my personal life and when that wasn't as fruitful as I hoped it would be and I extricated myself from that situation, I was able to realize I wasn't honoring myself and my dreams and what I wanted in life."

She continued, "You couldn't pay me to go back five or ten years ago. Having gone through trials and tribulations has brought me to this place today. I feel so much lighter. And I'm growing into the best version of myself."

6. Life Is About Taking on All Types of Roles: In an interview with The Cut recently, she explained, "I took a very, very purposeful step out of this world for the past couple of years, so it feels nice to be back. I think I was investing everything I was into my personal life. Sort of nesting, and trying to be a good partner."

However, since the split, she revealed, "I've been working on myself and have been in plenty of therapy to realize that is not the only role that I need to assume in life."

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