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If you're guilt-free and you know it, show your queue...

It's Guilty TV Pleasures Week here at E! News, and while we're taking back the term "guilty pleasure," we're finally revealing the contents of our DVR queues, previously hidden from the cruel, judgmental world. Sure, we love our acclaimed series, like Game of Thrones and The Americans, but we also love vegging out on the couch and bingeing more than a few hours of HGTV programming. It's all about balance, right? 

We asked E! News staffers to reveal  the one show they refuse to delete from their DVRs, letting old episodes take up precious real estate. Behold, our no-longer secret obsessions...

Alli Rosenbloom: Through the Wormhole and Space's Deepest Secrets on the Science Channel. Also Tornado Alley on the Weather Channel.

Lindsay Scheinberg: Mysteries at the Museum, Expedition Unknown, Bizarre Foods. Super nerdy!

Mike Vulpo: Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN: My beloveds, it's time to speak my true. Saturday nights aren't complete without Iyanla Vanzant. Can we please have a House of Healing in every city?

Basketball Wives LA on VH1: Whether it's Tami Roman threatening to knock a bitch out or Jackie Christie having a panic attack about her liquor bottle being on the ground,  these ladies are way too dramatic and way too good not to miss every Sunday

Younger Cast


Zach Johnson: Younger. 2 Broke Girls. Project Runway (still).


Brett Malec: I'm not OBSESSED with it, but when there's nothing on I do love Little Women Atlanta. I dare anyone to not fall in love with Ms. Juicy and her drama! Ms. Juicy is life. She's one of those reality stars that was put on this earth for the sole purpose of generating memes and GIFS.

Tierney Bricker: Come November, I eat, sleep, breathe and live all things Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Christmas movies. Like any loyal Christmas elf, I DVR each new one and spend each Sunday catching up. (Sorry, roommate!) Oh, and let the record show: my kingdom for Steve Lund as the leading man in every holiday movie the history of holiday movies. Amen. 


Real Housewives of New York, Orange County, Atlanta, New Jersey


Romina Rosado: Real Housewives EVERYTHING.

Jean Bentley: I still have Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century on my DVR from the DCOM marathon on Memorial Day. And yes, I have watched it multiple times.

Taylor Banks: I wouldn't say I feel any guilt but after a long week at work there's nothing better than a couple mindless episodes of…Guy's Grocery Games. It mixes the competitive elements of Chopped, the mundane elements of grocery shopping and then there's the Guy Fieri of it all. So yes, some might consider a having Guy's Grocery Games on their DVR a personal low point, but I'm proud of my life choice. 

Billy Nilles: I haven't gone so far as to set any episodes to record on my DVR (save for one truly tragic Christmas Day when I was 20 and recorded an entire marathon), but if I happen to stumble upon Food Paradise on the Travel Channel, boom, there goes my entire Sunday. (And this often happens nearly every Sunday.) Barbeque Paradise? Seen it more times than I could count. Hamburger Paradise? Can recite certain locations by now. But the elusive Sandwich Paradise? That's when I know I've hit the jackpot. (I need help. I know.)

Diana Marti: Married at First Sight—I have never missed a season. There is something so fascinating about watching two complete strangers meet and get married in the same moment. You can't look away, and I don't want to. 

Teen Wolf, Season 5


Leanne Gutierrez: Teen Wolf, Real HousewivesGilmore Girls (duh), Grey's Anatomy...does KUWTK count if you work at E!?

Carrie Dilluvio: KING OF QUEENS!!!!

Natalie Finn: I have an ever-increasing amount of Property Brothers and Property Brothers: Buying and Selling saved up to watch. At first it was for Jonathan and Drew, now it's for the décor envy.

What guilty pleasures are currently filling up your DVR? Let us know in the comments below.

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