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Here we go again! Another day, another embarrassing set of dictionary additions. Get ready for biatch (you know, like when Regina George tells Cady to send her a candy cane "biatch"), cheeseball (like a ball of literal delicious cheese), cheerer-upper (much grammar) and jack-off (self-explanatory). Additionally, you can now tell your teacher to shove it when they try and tell you words like 'Merica, and moobs (man-boobs) aren't real.

There are a few redeeming qualities about this year's new adds. They paid tribute to everyone's fave childhood author, Roald Dahl, on the centenary of his birth this month, with the addition of words from his work. You'll find splendiferous and scrumdiddlyumptious, to name a few. Furthermore, the phrase gender-fluid is now recognized by the OED. Faith in dictionaries has officially been restored. Lord knows we needed some hope after being exposed to additions like fuhgeddaboudit (as in 'forget about it'), and Oompa Loompa. Actually, that last one is pretty cute, TBH (is that in there yet?).

In June of this year, OED added glamp (as in glamping, or camping with lots of amenities), ROFL (as in the really outdated abbreviation we used to use on AIM) and even starter marriage. Are these helpful or annoying? We honestly can't tell. Also, are kids getting quizzed on these words in school these days? Imagine if YOLO or butt-f--k (an actual phrase added to OED this month) made the spelling bee rounds. Yikes. 

The OED famously added words like side-boob, amazeballs and YOLO, a few years back. So hip. So millennial. Honestly, why do they even bother? These phrases are way over by the time they make it into the dictionary. Just leave them be. Dictionary's like Dictionary.com recently added mom jeans, woke and butthurt to their list, while Merriam-Webster went with athleisure, revenge porn and hella. Save our souls.

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