While there's no doubt that Ryan Lochte's dance room drama left him a bit anxious last night, it also appears to be true for everyone else that experienced what went down.

For those of you who are wondering what the heck we're talking about, allow us to fill you in—During the premiere of Dancing With the Stars last night, the Olympic swimmer was rushed by anti-Lochte protesters who had been in the audience. These hecklers never got close enough to touch Lochte or his partner Cheryl Burke, and were immediately taken out of the studio by security and subsequently arrested.

Regardless, it left a lot of people shaken up. "Everyone is considering their security detail at the moment, it seems inevitable that things will have to change in light of what happened last night," a source tells E! News. "Some of the dancers are definitely concerned. They were shaken up. No one wants to get injured on a dancing show, because of safety reasons."

The insider adds that, "Last night, producers had a meeting with Ryan and Cheryl and went over everything with them but, as far as I know, there have been no group meetings about safety with the rest of the cast yet." 

Ryan Lochte, Cheryl Burke, Dancing With the Stars


Another source tells E! News that although a situation like this has never happened during taping, security has always been prepared to handle in the best way possible.

"Their security is amazing and although something like that has never happened before during a live taping, there is a ton of security measures in place to protect both the cast members and audience in case any incident or emergency were to occur," the source tells E! News. "If anything, audience members might be more hesitant now to attend a show this season, but security will continue to be strict and alert."

The insider adds that the cast went straight into rehearsals after last night's show, as planned, and that while everybody has been very supportive of Lochte, the timing of his appearance on the show may have been a bad choice.

"He deserves to be there just as much as the other celebrities, but many think it was too soon for him to do the show and that more time needed to pass. It is too fresh still and they were scared of something like this happening. Waiting at least a season or two would have been better timing. His partner, Cheryl, really feels for him. It was hard for her to watch him go through that but she stands by him. She has gotten to know him and thinks he's a sweetheart and very hardworking."

As for whether security for the show will be changed, a spokesperson from BBC Worldwide Productions tells E! News, "The safety and security of our cast, crew and studio audience is of utmost importance.  A full evaluation of security procedures/protocols is taking place and we will make any changes deemed necessary."

—Reporting by Alessandra Mortellaro

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