At this point, we'd say Katy Perry can officially add "assistant in baby deliveries" to her resume right beside "professional singer."

Yes, two years after she helped her older sister Angela Hudson give birth to her first child, the 31-year-old is at it again!

She took to Twitter on Monday night and revealed she helped deliver yet another child...all before heading into work late last night.

"Helped deliver my sister's baby at 2pm & am in the studio by 8pm," she wrote beside several baby emojis. "GET A GIRL THAT CAN DO BOTH."

In 2014, Katy documented a very similar experience after her sister gave birth to her first child.

"Finally you can add 'helps delivers babies in living rooms' to my resume! It's been a miracle of a day...Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie," the 29-year-old pop star tweeted at the time.

Fans also couldn't help but point out that the singer appeared to be foreshadowing the birth with some of her recent social media posts.

For example, on Sunday she shared an artsy video about childbirth, writing, "This might be too much but idc."

Before that, she was in baby mode when tweeting, "Just went to a child's party and am now dissecting the lyrics to Rosie Posie, Rock A Bye Baby & This Little Piggy," she said. "TBH some f*ed up stuff."

Though Katy doesn't have any kiddos of her own, she's talked about starting a family in the past.

She stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011 (while she was still married to Russell Brand) and after the host congratulated her on their first wedding anniversary, the two got to talking about the next step: starting a family.

"I would love to have children. I think that's one of the reasons you get married," she said at the time. "Especially to the person that you marry. You think, that person is going to be a good partner, a good parent."

So how many kids was she thinking about? "If it doesn't hurt the first time, I'll keep popping them out," she joked with Ellen.

The singer and Orlando Bloom haven't gotten there just yet...but we wouldn't mind seeing their mini-me's in the future! Too cute!

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