If it were solely up to this E!Q in 42, Bridget Jones' choice would be easy!

Patrick Dempseysat down with E! News' Marc Malkin in London recently and, in addition to dishing details about what it was like vying for Renée Zellweger's hand in Bridget Jones's Baby, he answered our rapid-fire questions in a most charming fashion.

Then again, isn't everything even more charming in Britain?

Not that Dempsey needed any help. The 50-year-old actor had a running start as he talked about being nervous when he first started shooting with Zellweger and Colin Firthand how they shot three different endings to keep everyone guessing.

"It was very mysterious who was going to be the baby daddy, and I'm not sure they knew how they wanted to end it," he explained, referring to the love triangle that ensues among the pregnant Bridget; Dempsey's outgoing Jack Qwant, dashing founder on an online dating service; and Firth's buttoned-up Mark Darcy.

Well, no wonder they nabbed Dempsey for the part—for anyone to possibly have any reservations about going all in for Darcy, they were going to have to bring out a major, dare we say dreamboat. 

Enjoy his E!Q in 42—no wonder the first thing he ordered from room service is coffee, the man gets no sleep!—and enjoy Bridget Jones's Baby, in theaters Friday.

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