Burger King, Cheetos Chicken Fries

Burger King

Another day, another ludicrous food mashup that deserves a special place in hell. Burger King, creators of the Whopper-infused burrito (aka the Whopperrito), released their famous Chicken Fries, covered in Cheetos dust. Chicken Fries are no stranger to the public, having gathered a massive following over the years. We can only imagine what they'll taste like coated in orange, finger-sticking powder. Yum...

BK released the news on social media, saying on Twitter, "The secret's out. #CheetosChickenFries are coming to select Burger King Restaurants on 9.14 for a limited time." In other words, hurry your buns (if you're into this sort of thing) to the King because it sounds like you might not get a heads up when they pull them off the menu. Lord knows how much of a tragedy that would be. Right? Sort of?

You might have heard that the fast food chain introduced Mac n' Cheetos not too long ago. The menu item was basically big, puffy Cheetos, filled with macaroni and cheese. That being said, it shouldn't be a shock that Cheetos Chicken Fries came next. Proof that Satan walks the earth in the form of an orange French fry made from deep-fried poultry. Does this mean we can expect a Cheetos-themed Whopper? How about a Whopperito stuffed with Cheetos Chicken Fries and Mac n' Cheetos? Woof x 100. 

It appears the fries might already be out at some BK locations. Were they as wild as they look? Youtuber Daym Drops, did a review, noting that it pretty much tasted like a regular Chicken Fry, with a hint of Cheeto tang. He went on to say that the Mac n' Cheetos were better than this new release. Sorry to burst your bubble, friends. Honestly, though. Can something this unholy really be that delicious? We're a bit skeptical. 

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