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You probably remember the Grease fan theories we told you about a few days back. Well, we have some updates that may burst your bubble. Of course, if you thought these conspiracies were a little too dark for your tastes, you might be pleased to hear they are exactly that. 

You heard right. After all that Internet hoo-ha, the fan theories have been debunked by none other than Grease co-creator, Jim Jacobs. TMZ notes, when he wrote the book and musical with Warren Casey, they never intended for the story to be a "drowning woman's coma fantasy," like Reddit boldly suggested. Likewise, Sandy never drowned when she and Danny met on the beach, and it doesn't look like this was a dying Danny's fantasy either.

Honestly, as convincing and fascinating as these theories were, we're glad they have no truth to them. They were just too dang dark, you know?


It turns out, fans were wrong when they wondered if the "Summer Nights" lyrics, "I saved her life. She nearly drowned," were secretly a hint that Sandy was in a coma during the film. Similarly, the ending scene in the flying car was not a giant metaphor for her ascension into heaven. In other words, it's not that deep, y'all. Another fan speculated that Sandy ended her life when she sings "Goodbye to Sandra Dee." Although it's not directly addressed by Jacobs, we doubt that's a valid assumption, going off of what we know now. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar was all of us when she posted her reaction to the theories on Facebook the other day. "During the song "Summer Nights," Danny and Sandy recount how they first met and started a summer fling. The line, "I saved her life, she nearly drowned," suggests that Sandy actually did drown and the whole movie is an elaborate musical fantasy due to the lack of oxygen getting to her brain. The flying red convertible also suggests that Sandy is happily being whisked away to heaven at the end of the movie. Wait what?!?!" Someone needs to tell her she doesn't have to worry any longer. 

Let's recap, friends. Sandy is not dead, she never drowned on the beach, she's not in a coma, and the flying car is just a flying car. Kay? 

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