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Every NYFW, there are models who walk the walk so well, they can sell the designer clothes off their backs to just about anyone. 

In fact, casting directors won't just look for high cheekbones and a lean physique—they want to see a walk that speaks for itself.

So, what are this season's models (including Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn and Hailey Baldwin) trying to tell us? We asked body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to look at their walks and interpret the messages they may or may not be trying to exude.

Should you want to change up your walk after reading this, we won't judge.

The Boss

Gigi is having a spectacular season. She's at the top of the industry right now, with her just-debuted Tommy x Gigi collection—and she knows it. The blonde beauty typically has a happy, relatable demeanor, as seen on social media—but on the catwalk, girl's got sass.

"Gigi has an aloof, round-shouldered, tough-guy, defiant swagger that says, ‘I don't care,'" said Dr. Glass. If you want to display the same confidence she had at Tom Ford A/W '16, bring your shoulders slightly forward and round your back a bit.

The Sexpot

When your slit is nearly crotch high, it's hard to look sexy and natural. Only a pro like Jourdan can do it! However, trying to keep the upper thighs together and move your hips at the same time can cause awkward movement. 

"[There's an] overly exaggerated, lopsided sway that is trying way too hard to seem sexy," mentioned the body language pro. Considering this statement-making Misha Collection dress, though, isn't that the point?

The Mystery

To a regular person, this model wearing a sequined, off-the-shoulder Monse S/S '17 number may look incredibly cool and confident, but to a pro like Dr. Glass, she's holding something back. "[There's a] lack of self confidence with the head bowed down, gaze down on the floor and hand in pocket, showing there is something to hide," she said. Word of advice: Keep that head up!

The Crisscrosser

Even the length of your stride can say a lot. "Her unnatural small steps, with one foot directly crossing the other, can affect her balance, as the top of her body doesn't seem to move while the lower part of her body sways," said the expert. "The hands in her pockets add additional weight to the bottom portion of her body, which further increases the risk of her falling." Luckily, the model completed the Marissa Webb runway like a champ.

The Tomboy

Hailey's first show of the season began with the highly anticipated Tommy x Gigi collection on Pier 16, which had a particularly long runway. "She takes very large steps and walks way too fast so you cannot process what she is wearing," analyzed the pro. Note to self: Walk slower when you want to show off an awesome outfit. To be fair, the model was probably just trying to keep up with the pace of the show. Good thing her athletic posture and clumpy walk helps show off that cropped track sweater well!

The Pragmatist

Let's be honest—we've all abandoned our heels at one point or another—whether that was after a night of dancing or on the Yeezy Season 4 runway. When you can't walk properly in shoes for one reason or another (model Amina Blue said her feet were too sweaty and kept slipping out of the shoe), you'll start to writhe and wobble…and people will notice.

In case going sans shoes is not an option and your skirt is too tight, "take smaller steps," advised Dr. Glass. It may not get you to your final destination as quick but you'll look less awkward.

Now, you tell us: Do you share any of these walking habits? What does your walk say about you?

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