NYFW, Desigual, Snapchat Filter

Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Desigual

Everyone has a favorite Snapchat filter. Some are diehard puppy-face users. Some just won't settle for anything less than the flower crown. Others still are shameless users of the beauty filter. (Yep, that's us. Guilty.)

But that all lives in the online world. So what would happen if they started to invade our real life? You know, the three-dimensional world where people actually talk to each other? Some people might think it was Snapchat overkill, but we think it's absolutely phenomenal. 

The setting is New York Fashion Week. The event was the Desigual show. The official M.O. of the big event was to show off the designer's clothes, but one aspect of the show really caught our eye: Yes, those are IRL Snapchat filters.

The brand teamed up with the makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics to recreate their favorite looks from the app, and the result was 1) hilarious, 2) gorgeous, and 3) totally enviable. 

Models donned several different looks. First, let's marvel at the puppy filter. This one is basically like getting your face painted as a child, but way chicer. It's actually making us want to throw an 8-year-old's birthday party—anyone have any kids we could borrow?

Then we have the deer, and we think we've found this year's Halloween costume. This one took a little more finesse on the makeup side, but it looks eerily similar to the Snapchat version. 

NYFW, Desigual, Snapchat Filter

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows

And, finally, the butterfly-crown-thing that we've never actually known the name of. As you can see, they basically just created a hair crown. This filter wins the prize for best improvement from Snapchat to IRL, because it doesn't actually make your eyes and nose look all creepy the way the app does. Brava, Desigual. Brava. 

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