Who's going to win Dancing with the Stars season 23? 

We haven't seen any dances yet, but some of the cast has already begun sizing up the competition for the season. The biggest threat seems to be Laurie Hernandez, the 16 year-old gymnast who took home both gold and silver medals at this summer's Rio Olympics. 

"I'm sorry, but how can you compete with a girl that beautiful, with eyes that big, who looks like a Disney deer, and who's going to dance amazing?" wondered pro Emma Slater, who's partnered with former Texas governor Rick Perry this season. 

Hernandez isn't the only star the cast is looking out for so far. Little Women LA star Terra Jole already made herself a rival to former Detroit Lion Calvin Johnson, and Jake T. Austin thinks we should not be ruling out Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds anytime soon. 

Watch the video above to hear more! 

Of course, not everyone's ready to name their biggest competitor, or any competitor at all. The season doesn't officially start until Monday, which is when we'll really get to see who's a natural on the dance floor and who's going to need some more practice to really blow us away. 

"We haven't seen anybody dance yet, but on paper, there's people where you're like, oh, they're going to be good, they're going to be strong," returning pro Derek Hough says. "We just have to kind of focus and make sure we do the best we can possibly do." 

Dancing with the Stars premieres Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.  

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