Jules Wainstein and Michael Wainstein are battling it out in court.

E! News was in the courtroom as the former Real Housewives of New York stars attended their divorce hearing on Thursday as they continue to figure out finances as well as visitation over their children, Jagger and Rio.

We can report that, so far, they've settled on temporary arrangement regarding their marital residence, which is three floors. Michael will have access to the office on the second floor, while Jules will remain with the children in their home on the third and fourth floors.

Each will have exclusive access to those parts of the home for now, and thus, the judge removed the temporary restraining order Jules had filed against Michael and will not reissue it so long as both parties remain in their respective spaces. The judge advised both parties to keep a "respectful distance, especially for the children's sake which needs to be the primary concern. If everyone stays where they need to go, that will be better for everyone." 

Speaking of the children, the counsels are continuing to work out a schedule for visitation.

As for maintenance and child support, Jules also asked for maintenance of $25,000 combined: $16,000 a month in spousal support and $9,000 a month in tax-free child support. While the judge considers this, Jules' team asked for a one-time lump sum to assist her until a decision is made. However, Michael's attorney said he does not currently have monthly income as his business has suffered due to the negative publicity surrounding the case. The judge asked for documentation regarding income and net worth.

Thus, the judge allocated a temporary support for Jules in the amount of $10,000 a month. Michael's attorney argued that he cannot afford that amount, but the judge said once he reviews Michael's documentation, he will make a further ruling.

Michael Wainstein, Jules Wainstein, Julianne Wainstein

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The former couple announced in June that they would be getting divorced after eight years of marriage. Michael filed for divorce from Jules after she allegedly caught him cheating on her, though he has denied the accusations through his legal team.

Another source told us the Bravo show had some influence on the split. "They were having issues before the show but I think pressure from filming clearly put a strain the marriage," an insider previously told us before adding, "It brought things to a head."

Since the news broke, Jules and Michael's divorce has become contentious, and Jules even called the police on Michael in June after feeling threatened by her ex. "Jules was the one who called the police," a source told E! News at the time, adding that Jules needed help because Michael was speaking to her in a threatening manner. No arrests were made.

Meanwhile, Jules has been staying as strong as possible for her main priority: her children.  

"My kids and I will be just fine -- better than fine. Truth is that it's too easy to get caught up in your own reality, especially when you are blindsided and betrayed by someone who is supposed to be a partner and friend. I'm trusting and open, but I'm also strong and practical. This isn't the end of the world, it's just a big bump in the road, but I'll get over it and I'll be stronger for it," she wrote in a blog post for Bravo.

"While my heart might be broken, it's still good as gold. There are bigger issues in the world that need tackling, and there are bigger realities that need to be addressed. My reality is that my kids and I are healthy and happy."

—Reporting by Beth Sobol

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