It looks like Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston aren't the only people having to move on from their relationship.

Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and James Corden both addressed Hiddleswift's breakup, each putting his own spin on the split. On The Late Show Wednesday night, Colbert paid homage to the devastating breakup the way he thought Swift would handle it...with a song.

"Hiddleswift has called it Hiddlesplits," he joked. "I'm especially sad about this news because their love was in the press so much I thought I was part of it. In a way it feels like they broke up with me. In fact I'm so upset I did was Taylor does when she goes through a breakup. I wrote a song about it."

Colbert then grabbed his stringless guitar and performed his ballad for the audience.

"Taylor, Tom and me we were a happy couple of three but now they said goodbye and I just want to cry," Colbert crooned. "How could you do this to me? Think of all our memories / Like kissing on that rock or climbing on that rock or walking on that rock / Man, we spent a lot of time on rocks. / And sure I wasn't there, but Photoshop don't care."

He continued to sing, "My heart is on the floor / I've got 'Bad Blood' with amor / So goodbye Tom and goodbye Tay Tay / Don't worry about me I'll be OK K. Because I've found a brand new love that will never go kaboom. Goodbye, Colbiddleswift. Hello, ColKatlando Bloom."

While Colbert was singing his heart out, Corden trying to grapple with Tom and Taylor's choice to call it quits. "It's tough. It's tough when you've got to hear this sort of stuff, but it's my job, so I'm just going to get in there and say it because after a whirlwind three months, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston," he began, pausing to get his emotions in check, "are ending their relationship."

"I'm going to give everyone a moment," he continued.

Like Colbert, Corden also joked about Swift's for songwriting post-split. "As soon as Taylor's band heard about the breakup they were like, 'Yeah, yeah we know. We're headed to the studio now.'"

Watch the videos to hear the late-night hosts handled Hiddlesplit.

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