Dos Equis, Most  Interesting Man

Courtesy Dos Equis

The Most Interesting Man in the World is no longer that interesting.

Jonathan Goldsmith, the original Interesting Man, has been replaced by the young and hip Augustin Legrand. Dos Equis, the beer company that brought us the campaign, decided it was time to move on. The new man is described as "active" and "adventurous," along with "edgier and more daring." The beer brand released a teaser today, featuring the new face of the character. Expect to see him and all of his interesting glory in a full-length commercial this October. 

The Dos Equis VP of Marketing, Andrew Katz said, "The meaning of ‘interesting' has evolved over the past decade, and this campaign features a new character and look and feel that opens the door to a world of interesting possibilities for today's Dos Equis drinker." They forgot to mention he's also pretty cute.

If you're into the rugged, cultured, swagger-filled types, you'll appreciate the newbie. Of course, with any big change, not everyone takes it that well. Sassy Facebook users have already voiced their opinions on the brand's page, saying things like "Last time I'm ever drinking Dos Equis. Bring back the other guy from Mars then I'll think about it," and "All I'm interested in is drinking the beer." Ouch. 

Instead of telling us about his adventures, Dos Equis notes, the new MIMITW will bring us along for the ride. The man even has a website entirely dedicated to detailing his enjoyment for all things adrenaline. "His globe-trotting lifestyle has turned him into a jet-setter. But he's also a train-setter, a boat-setter, rope-setter and zipline-setter." the site describes.

"He's one of the all-time greats, in every sport. When he enters the game, everyone wants him on their team."  If that doesn't sound interesting enough, he's also very romantic and "A well-traveled person goes out and sees the world. But only a few can legitimately call the entire world home. He is one of them." Chic. 

He has some massive shoes to fill, but it sounds like he'll have no problem in that department.  Speaking of filling shoes, who else thinks it's time to see The Most Interesting Woman In the World? Guess we'll just be over here staying thirsty until that happens. 

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