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Netflix's season two of Narcos has some new faces this season, one of them being actress Martina García who plays Maritza. We won't go too deep into her character to not spoil anything for you, but the 32-year-old star says her role is a meaningful one. Although she's was skeptical of shows and movies that depict the story of Escobar, because she grew up in Colombia during these violent times, she felt that Narcos was the exception.

"It's an amazing show, a high-quality project with a lot of research behind it. I believe that out of all everything out there on this topic, this is the most responsible one with collecting and presenting the most accurate information," she said to E! News.

García, who speaks English, Spanish, and French, as well as a bit of Italian and Portuguese, said that filming certain scenes for the show felt very surreal. "There was one scene that I remember we shot in Medellín, and it felt so real. I felt like we were living through all of this."

The actress credits the show for having an outstanding team of creators and actors, "Pedro Pascal and Wagner Moura are just amazing, they're the best. They're such talented actors, but also kind and lovely human beings." 

And Narcos isn't the first time that you've García on a hit series, she also played the role of Esme in Showtime's Homeland.

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When it comes to Hollywood, García feels that it is important to recognize that actresses like Salma Hayek have paved the way for other Latinas, "She's such a funny and smart woman, I think she's done a lot of good to the industry, plus she's gorgeous." 

The star believes that having a variety of Latinas playing very different roles, accurately represents who they are. "I know it wasn't easy for any of them. Sofía Vergara is another actress that is also smart, funny and beautiful. I admire them all because they're all so different. I think it's important to have different Latinas in Hollywood. There are a lot of ways of being Latina and I believe the world is starting to see that," she said. "Also actresses like Eva Mendes, that are Latinas from the United States, they're also breaking stereotypes, it's amazing to see all that is changing in Hollywood."

When it comes to her journey in acting, García expressed that she was fortunate to have found her way, but admits it wasn't easy. "I've had a lot of luck, my first role in the United States was on Homeland, although they were looking for a Venezuelan actress, I was able to nail the accent," she said. "Just like everything, being Latina has helped me and also made it a bit more difficult, especially when you're dealing with accents. Sometimes they want me to have absolutely no accent, and that's something I'll work with my coach on and sometimes they ask that I have a very strong accent and for it to be from another Latin American country. In the end, if it's meant for you, you'll land the role."

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