Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres are making the most of their celeb status. 

The talk show host and pop sensation decided to hit the mall in a segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, along the way proving that stars get just as much special treatment as we'd expect them to. "I wanted to take advantage of the celebrity lifestyle with my famous friends so I called Britney Spears and took her to the Westfield Fashion Square Mall. I told her we could do whatever we wanted because we're famous and here's what happened," DeGeneres jokingly tells the audience. 

And in true Ellen fashion, they really do whatever they want. Park in an illegal space? Sure thing. Cut off fellow shoppers because "we're celebrities?" Nothing's off limits for these two. 

They then run up a descending escalator and the "Make Me" songstress purchases steals her very first suit. "So this would be 100 percent discount because she's a celebrity?" Ellen asks the store clerk before the duo walks out of Bloomingdale's as the security alarms ring. 

Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Next stop is the mall's indoor playground, which prompts Ellen to give some unwarranted, albeit hilarious, advice to the parents of children playing. "We like to start people early to understand what is important in life and that is money and celebrity, kids," DeGeneres jokes, later adding, "Parents I can't stress to you enough... The most important thing: Start auditioning them early. Start putting them on diets. Get facials, get massages."

Britney and Ellen even enjoy some ice cream in the comfort of a Pottery Barn dining room, to which DeGeneres says, "We're like zoo animals in here!" when customers stop to gawk and stare. 

But arguably the most amazing part is when the two do exactly what we've all dreamed of after a long day of shopping. Napping in the bedroom department, of course! Being a celebrity sure seems exhausting. 

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