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What a time to be alive. Condom maker Durex introduced a very questionably flavored condom variety on Twitter recently. It's so millennial it hurts. The brand tweeted, "#BreakingNews: We're launching an exciting new savory #condom range - Eggplant flavor!" The Internet collectively cringed at the thought, because who the eff wants a condom that tastes like last night's dinner? What's next? Meatball sub? Corn? Burrito? Too far, Durex. Too far. Okay, that last one actually sounds like maybe it could be good. Just kidding. Pretend we didn't just type that. One tweet asked, "Can we still get a #Wineflavored one?" This person needs to be hired by Durex to take the place of the employee who came up with an emoji-themed prophylactic. 


Twitter reacted with all sorts of colorful comments including, "PLEASE tell me there will be a Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor too." We support this 100%. "Vegans are going to love this..." another user said. "@durex is it April 1st?" chimed another. Honestly, we had the same question. This is just as gross as that time KFC came out with fried chicken sunscreen. Why, world? Why?! Some on Twitter had serious concerns, with one user asking, "hi guys, just a quick one. How have you prepared and cooked the aubergine? Thanks," Hey, if this is going to be a thing, someone has got to ask the tough questions. Twitter joked, "Brings a whole new meaning to a healthy sex life." Very true. We wonder if this counts as one of your daily veggie servings? 

Thankfully, the company admitted the whole thing was a big, aubergine-flavored joke. "You got us, there's no Eggplant condom! But why no #CondomEmoji? RT if you agree emoji makers should make one!" Alright, this seems totally fair. Major points for good marketing, too. Safe sex is always the way to go, and this is a much better way to promote that than what they had previously proposed. 

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