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Who will be the next Nick Viall

The new Bachelor star has become synonymous with the franchise after having shown up in three and soon to be four seasons of various shows. We've watched his journey from villain during Andi Dorfman's season to surprise late addition-turned-villain during Kaitlyn Bristowe's season to everybody's best friend and advice-giver on Bachelor in Paradise

Few other Bachelor stars have gotten so many opportunities to make such an impression, but that doesn't mean they can't start now! 

Nick's season of The Bachelor would be the perfect opportunity for a few other faves to either try their hand at a second or third chance at love, or help the guy out with the task ahead. Here's who we would like to see show up to either woo or advise Nick on his quest for love: 

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Olivia Caridi (Ben Higgins' season)
We haven't seen Olivia since Ben dumped her on an island and left her there, but we've never forgotten her. She's smart (especially when it comes to talking Smart Things), beautiful, and knows how to go after what she wants. She's also confident, even in the face of viewers (she's a news anchor) criticizing her cankles. At the very least, we want to see Nick and Olivia have at least one conversation, just so we can see that grin one more time. 

Bachelor in Paradise


Ashley Iaconetti (Chris Soules season)
She's already almost as much of an established character as Nick is, thanks to her openly virgin status, her obsession with fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jared Haibon, and of course, her legendary tears. She and Nick are friends thanks to Paradise, so maybe she could just show up to help him weed out any contestants with unhealthy obsessions? 

The Bachelor, Kelsey Poe gif


Kelsey Poe (Chris Soules' season)
Ashley I.'s rival and all around terrifying person Kelsey Poe now lives in Paris and seems to have abandoned all things Bachelor, but her serious nature might actually work with Nick. Maybe she's undergone the same transformation that he has and has gotten past relishing in her husband's death. We don't know, but we would love to find out! 

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Britt Nilsson (Chris Soules' season)
Britt had a sort of earnestness about her that Nick might really admire. After she was denied a turn as Bachelorette when the guys chose Kaitlyn over her, this could be a real chance for her to find love again with a guy who could truly appreciate her. 

The Bachelor, Jubilee Sharpe GIF


Jubilee Sharpe (Ben Higgins' season)
OK, so Jubilee and Nick met briefly in Paradise and nothing sparked there, so this is probably a bad idea because she would just get sent home again. But we just want Jubilee to find love so badly! 

Bachelor in Paradise GIF


Caila Quinn (Ben Higgins' season)
Sure, they spent a few weeks together on Bachelor in Paradise and nothing happened, but that's only because Caila was wrapped up in Jared (and the Ashley drama) and Nick was wrapped up in Amanda, Josh, and Jen. They're both in software sales, though! They would have so much software to talk about! Plus, Caila's been burned before by losing out on the Bachelorette gig, so maybe this could make up for it? 

The Bachelorette, JJ Lane GIF


J.J. Lane (Kaitlyn's season)
J.J. would be the perfect assistant to the Bachelor, if there were such a thing. He also made the switch from villain to fan fave between The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, so he and Nick could make an interesting team, with J.J. there for moral support. And who knows? Maybe J.J. could end up with a promotion from Assistant to the Bachelor to Assistant Bachelor! 

Andi Dorfman, The Bachelorette

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Andi Dorfman
Hey, if you can think of a better lie detector test administrator then we're all ears. Until then...

The Bachelor, Ben Higgins

ABC/Matt Dunn

Ben Higgins and Sean Lowe
Maybe they could create a Bachelor council—these two are sure to have some good advice.

Bachelor Twins


The Twins
ABC executive Robert Mills tweeted a poll asking if viewers would like to see Haley and Emily back on The Bachelor to help judge the girls and it seems viewers are indeed not done with the twins. Nick would never date either of them—they're a little too young and just not his type—but they are probably the most loyal friends you could ever find. And who doesn't love the twins?!

Bachelor in Paradise


Josh Murray
Just kidding! 

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