Saturday Night Live is still looking for a host for its season premiere in the fall, but based on the celebrities who have put themselves in the running for the coveted role, it looks like the NBC show shouldn't have a problem finding a suitable star.

Landing a hosting gig always has been a dream for many celebrities in Hollywood, but now it seems the popular job position is being sought out by actors, comediennes and even athletes. Simone BilesRachel BloomBilly Eichner and more have all expressed their desire to be selected for the season premiere, giving SNL plenty of options for its opening night.

A Golden Globe winner, Bloom definitely has the credibility and the sense of humor to knock it out of the ball park. But Eichner is also presenting a worthwhile case with his tweet.

He might not be interested in hosting per se, but considering he's already appeared on the comedy sketch show we think it'd be a perfect fit. And if not him, then Eichner has another suggestionTom Hanks.

The Final Five have been making their way around New York City, appearing on The Tonight Show and Today, so why not stop by 30 Rock once again to get some more late-night screen time?

The Waitress music and lyrics composer also wants to give SNL a try. Now that she's conquered Broadway with her Tony-nominated show, she's setting her sights on the small screen.

And it looks like Benanti is already gathering a following!

All of these stars have put themselves into the running, but there are plenty of other notable celebrities who haven't hosted in a while or haven't hosted at all that definitely should consider it. Eichner suggested Hanks, and we definitely support it. It has been 10 years since Hanks graced SNL's stage as a host, and with two movies on the way (Sully and Inferno), what better way to promote than with one of the most popular shows on TV?

Fresh off the success of HamiltonLin-Manuel Miranda could also be a good choice to serve as host and as musical guest. The multi-hyphenate would easily win over viewers, especially those still gunning for tickets to the blockbuster Broadway show.

Although Eddie Murphy has been deemed one of the greatest cast members in the show's history, the Coming to America star has never returned to host—we think it's time.

Are there any other stars you'd like to see at the premiere? Sound off in the comments!

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