Finding Dory, As Told By Emojis


Instead of a land far, far away, this Finding Dory rendition takes place in the most millennial of places, a smartphone. That's right, Disney released a Finding Dory short, completely made up of emojis on a phone. It turns out; the film is making a small return to theaters over Labor Day weekend, so what better way to celebrate than to check out Finding Dory As Told By Emoji. Peep familiar faces like Dory, Nemo and Marlin, along with new characters like Hank, Destiny and Bailey, as they tough out some serious #DeepSeaProblems. Seriously, as if Dory and the gang weren't adorable enough, their emoji counterparts are even cuter. You'll see for yourself in a minute. 

Who knew text bubbles, iPhone noises and touch screens could make Finding Dory come alive like this? Ah, modern technology. Will all of our movies be available in abridged emoji versions sometime in the future? Kind of like Cliff's Notes for films? That's definitely what this remake of FD feels like. If you haven't seen the actual film yet, this short version could save your buns if you ever need to throw out Finding Dory facts at your next dinner party. Because that exact situation totally happens to everyone, right?

The team over at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media created the As Told By Emoji series, and this is the 9th episode of the bunch. If you haven't watched the Finding Nemo version or the Frozen Fever one, now is the time to do that. Trust us. Did you know that you can find these vids in 25 different languages? They only debuted last year, and already have more than 92 million views. People love their Disney, you know? Especially if it's been translated into millennial-speak.

If you're not a Dory fan, you can check out their Zootopia, Cinderella and even Star Wars vids. Tangled, Aladdin and Frozen all got the emoji treatment as well. There's something for every Disney fan. We're hoping for emoji versions of Snow White, Mulan and Sleeping Beauty next. What would emoji Maleficent even look like? Are you listening, Disney? Are ya? 

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