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Years later, Friends is still in the hearts of fans. So much so, Comedy Central UK put on FriendsFest, a touring festival that, as you can guess, caters to hardcore Friends fans. The extravaganza is a six-week tour around the UK, and tickets are all sold out according to the event page. It started in late August in Hoxton and ends in October in Oxfordshire. A Friends Festival overseas? Sold x 1000. Also, can this please come to the states tomorrow? Like, what? 

Like any good event, food and drinks are served, and it is suggested that guests set aside 2-3 hours to immerse themselves in an IRL Friends experience. Events, according to Hello!, include Smelly Cat Karaoke, and we're not even kidding. Fans can also tour Central Perk café, and the Vegas Chapel of Love, to name a few. Can someone sneak us into this thing or what?

In a Vine on Comedy Central's account, one man decided to pop the question inside Monica and Chandler's colorful apartment. The caption reads, "Oh. My. God. It's a #FriendsFest Proposal!" Talk about life imitating art! The Vine already has over 52,000 loops and is legit the cutest thing ever. The couple, Krunal Desai and Radha Patel, are both Friends fanatics, with Desai telling Hello!, "We both absolutely love Friends, and Radha can't go to sleep without watching the show. We even had a short break in our relationship, leading people to call us the real life Ross and Rachel." A real life Ross and Rachel with a Monica and Chandler-style proposal. We'll take it.

The hubby-to-be noted, "When I saw FriendsFest was returning I knew this would be the perfect setting to ask her to marry me." Those about to propose to Friends-obsessed significant others take note. Patel remarked, "Nothing could top this proposal, it was awesome. As Phoebe would say, he's my lobster!" Aww. 

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