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Michael Phelps just went for the gold in Rio, but his fiancée Nicole Johnson is going for the white!

After winning 23 gold medals over the course of several Olympic Games, it's now time for Phelps to focus on another monumental chapter in his life: getting married to Johnson. The two have been dating off and on since 2007. After splitting in 2011, the couple rekindled their romance in 2014. In February 2015, Phelps proposed to Johnson and announced their engagement via Instagram with a simple caption that read, "She said yes."

The champion swimmer's fiancée has been opening up lately about the pairs wedding plans, even revealing that the wedding might be happening sooner rather than later.

Here are some things you need to know about the couples upcoming nuptials:

Michael Phelps, Boomer Phelps, Nicole Johnson


1. The guest list will be tight. "It'll be small and intimate for the wedding," Johnson told Access Hollywood, "and then we're throwing a massive bash for everyone in the States." Sounds like a destination wedding is happening!                                                        

2. They have picked out a wedding date. Although no exact date has been publicly revealed, Johnson told Cosmopolitan it will happen "at the end of this year." 

3. Johnson took on all the wedding planning. While Phelps was training hard for the Olympics, Johnson was mapping out all the details. "I've been planning as we've been leading up to this," Johnson revealed to Today, "so I think I have the wedding in order."

4. There are only two things Phelps cares about. Although Phelps hasn't been letting his bride-to-be call most of the shots, he had some requests.  Johnson told Cosmopolitan, Phelps "does want to be involved in what flavor our cake is going to be and what flowers he thinks are ugly."

5. Phelps will not be wearing his medals down the aisle. The idea makes Johnson cringe. "Oh, no, no, no," she told Cosmopolitan.

6. Phelps' mother will be their No. 1 fan at their wedding. Phelps' mother, Deborah Phelps, revealed to Elle that when her son called her after his long split to Johnson, "He said, 'I'm getting back with Nicole,' and I said, 'That's where you should be.'"

7. The couple hopes to have more kids after their wedding. And they're hoping for a girl! Johnson, a former beauty queen, admitted to Cosmopolitan that if they have a daughter, "She can decide if she wants to do pageants. I'm not pushing any child into pageants."

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