Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Ellen DeGeneres, Olivia Munn

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Ellen DeGeneres twerks hard for the money.

Channing Tatum will join the host Tuesday when The Ellen DeGeneres Show returns for its 14th season. The actor isn't coming empty handed, as he will be sharing exclusive footage from Magic Mike Live, debuting in Las Vegas in March 2017. Given that Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL were such successes, DeGeneres has created her very own spinoff: Magic Michelle. The talk show host cast herself in the titular role, of course. Her co-stars include Jenna Dewan as Peppermint, Olivia Munn as Honeydew and Chrissy Teigen as Linda Peterson.

"tWitch and Channing starred together in Magic Mike, and Magic Mike was a huge, huge hit. I mean, so big that they are actually doing an all-female reboot, because they are doing that with everything. They did Ghostbusters and Ocean's Eleven," DeGeneres jokingly told her audience in the pre-release teaser clip. "Thanks to Channing, I get to show you the exclusive sneak-peek."

With Ginuwine's "Pony" playing in the background, the four characters took turns bumping, grinding and working the stripper pole—just as Tatum's male co-stars did in the original films. DeGeneres twerked so hard, in fact, that she lost a big chunk of her platinum blond wig. But the biggest surprise came when Oprah Winfrey tore off her clothes, shook her boobs and did the splits. (OK, OK…that wasn't really Winfrey. It was just face superimposed on a stripper's body.) "This fall, [Hillary Clinton]'s not the only one bringing women to the polls," a voiceover teased. DeGeneres called the parody trailer "truly magic" and joked, "We expect it to be a big, big hit."

DeGeneres later admitted that she feels like a changed woman after filming the comedy bit. "We spent a lot of time shooting that, and then my knees spent a lot of time recovering. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to have Jenna teach some dance moves, and she kept telling me to 'drop it down low.' So now my 'down low' hurts really, really bad. My knees are black and blue," she told viewers. "I don't know how many times was just a bad idea. What I'm saying is, I have a new respect for strippers. Give them more than singles, you guys!"

In addition to Tatum and Winfrey, Olympian Simone Biles will also appear on Tuesday's show.

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