What do you love more: Kevin Bacon or breakfast bacon?

Now you don't have to choose! You can have both in the form of Bacon by Bacon, a new cologne by the actor. He and James Corden debuted their new ad for Bacon's new cologne on The Late Late Show Wednesday night, and it just might want to make you get up and go purchase a bottle.

"Wake up," a voice whispered as Corden slept in the black-and-white video.

"What's the smell I love most in the morning?" Corden asked as he wakes up.

"Bacon," said the Footloose star, who popped up behind Corden.

The rest of the commercial alternated Corden and Bacon standing while the other did wild interpretive dance moves and made random statements about the popular pork item.

James Corden, Kevin Bacon, The Late Late Show


"Crazy bacon, mad bacon, wild bacon," said Corden.

"In the frying pan of your mind there is only..." a spiritual-like Bacon began.

"Bacon!" a screaming Corden responded.

Throughout the ad both stars suggested that bacon is the cure-all for everything, from horniness to loneliness and everything in between.

"Next to the pancake of your soul there is only...bacon," the Tremors actor said.

If you're confused about whether they were talking about Kevin Bacon or his fragrance, you're not alone. Corden also expressed some concern about the new cologne when he asked, "I'm confused. Does it smell like you or does it smell like bacon?"

"We smell exactly the same," Bacon responded.

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