Historical spoiler alert: Pablo Escobar is dead.

So it's not exactly a spoiler for season two of Netflix's drug trade drama Narcos to tell you that the character of Pablo Escobar, played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, will die.

But you will be wondering how it comes about—and who does it—when you're watching the ten new episodes dropping on Netflix tomorrow, Sept. 2. "We know he dies," star Pedro Pascal teased to E! News host Maria Menounos on the show's red carpet last week, "we just don't know who does it!"

Moura explained that we'll see a weaker version of the Columbian drug lord this year before he meets his demise. "The powerful Pablo of the first season is gone. We're going to see him much more vulnerable," he told us.

Narcos, season 2


"It's not going to end well for him. I think the second season is more dramatic than the first season. The first one is more epic, tries to show, to explain how the drug trade works," he explained. "The second season covers only one year of Pablo's life, so it's more focused on the drama of the characters and the way they're struggling with their emotions."

And before you worry that Pablo's death will mean a less exciting season three, let star Boyd Holbrook reassure you that there's plenty more story to be told. "It's no secret that Pablo dies, so the spoiler is gone," he told us, "but the concept of the show is just because Pablo Escobar dies doesn't mean the drug trade or the cocaine trade stops."

Narcos season two hits Netflix on Friday, Sept. 2.

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