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Tropical Storm Hermine is confusing a lot of people on the Internet. Why? Because the name looks so darn close to Harry Potter's Hermione. I mean, you can't blame them, right? It totally does! Twitter has done what they do best, and meme'd, GIF'd, and tweeted the heck out of their confusion. Technically the storms name is pronounced "her-meen," but it's easy to confuse it with Emma Watson's character when you only see it in writing. 

One Twitter user created an official petition to change the name from Hermine to Hermione. The site reads, "Tropical Storm HERMINE? Really, National Hurricane Center?! Was it really that hard to add in that extra "O" as a tribute to one of the world's greatest literary characters? Give the people what they want!! TROPICAL STORM HERMIONE!" I mean, right? We're sure J.K. Rowling is bound to chime in about this any minute now.

Some on Twitter are even calling for the storm to be renamed Harambe, after the fallen gorilla the public just can't seem to meme enough. Did we mention there's also a hurricane by the name of Gaston going on right now? As in, that annoying chunk from Beauty and the Beast? If they can name a hurricane Gaston, they can certainly name a storm Hermione. Amiright? Where's the love? What say you, Queen Rowling?! 

The tropical storm is making its way towards Florida and has not been labeled a hurricane according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Gaston is expected to weaken gradually by tonight, according to The Weather Channel. Of course, we're hoping for the safety and security of all of those who may be affected. We're just glad to see people can see a silver lining in a potentially scary situation. Way to go, Internet! Always making us smile no matter how crazy the situation. 

Emma Watson talks inner bad girl 

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