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Instagram: toddthestud

Justin Bieber has a dog named Todd and it's undeniably the cutest fuzz-head we've seen in a while. The fact that Justin named his dog Todd is equally as fantastic as the pup himself. Todd Bieber. Just let that sink in for a minute. Todd. Bieber. People giving pets human names never gets old, you know? 

Todd is such a popular chunk that he's got his very own Instagram account. Literally, he only has one photo, but the Internet does not seem to mind. He's already got over 18,000 followers. His first pic is casually captioned, "Hey. It's me, Todd." It sure is, buddy. It sure is. His account is under @ToddTheStud, and we couldn't think of a better handle. Despite being so popular, Todd is only following 12 people, because he's chic like that. While Belieber's everywhere continue to mourn the loss of Justin's account, take comfort in the glory that is Todd's Instagram. Honestly, don't you think this kind of makes up for that whole situation? What better way to show your fans some love than in the form of a fluffy pupperz.

Wake up and play with me @toddthestud.

A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

Justin's other pup, Esther, also has an account, so it's basically like JB is still on Instagram but in animal form. Hey, JB fans have to take what they can get right now, and this is a pretty great option. How cute are Ester and Todd in this pic, BTW? 

Even Sofia Richie is on board the Todd train, as she Instagrammed his royal fuzziness the other day. "Mornings with Todd," she captioned the pic. Could you even imagine mornings with Todd? So fetch. If these pictures aren't enough to satisfy your new daily Todd quota, it looks like there are already fan accounts filled with snaps of the pup. So much Todd, yet still not enough. 

Should Selena Gomez and Justin settle their beef on social media? 

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