On this very day 19 years ago, Princess Diana's life was cut tragically short.

She was just 36 years old at the time of her death, leaving her beloved sons behind in the midst of adolescence. Prince William was just 15 when Diana passed, and Prince Harry was only 12, but those formative years spent with their mother made a lasting impact on the young royals. William and Harry are now 34 and 31, respectively, and they are every bit the down-to-earth, philanthropic family men their mum would've always wanted them to be.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William

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Just like Diana before them, William and Harry have devoted themselves to charity work. Through The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, the brothers (along with William's wife Kate Middleton) dedicate their time, energy and influence to a range causes. Whether it's raising awareness for mental health, supporting veterans, or supporting worldwide conservation efforts, Diana's now grown children are selfless in their service, much like she was before them.

And just as Diana was "The People's Princess," her sons have fully immersed themselves with the "common" folk, too. Both William and Harry can be seen engaging with people from all walks of life—through their work, philanthropy and just the regular comings and goings of life. Children don't curtsy or bow when they meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—they hug them. Royal protocol doesn't apply when Harry dances with kids in Lesotho. Just as their mom would've wanted, the princes are kind and approachable.

Diana would be thrilled to see what "normal" lives her boys grew up to lead. Harry and William mingled easily amongst their peers in school and later served proudly amongst fellow soldiers in the armed forces. Their royal status didn't result in special treatment, and the relationships they formed were real and rewarding as a result.

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Wiliam, Prince Harry

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Last, but not least, William and Harry are loving, affectionate and family-oriented—much like Diana. William is a loving, devoted husband and a hands-on, engaging father to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He is a part of his kids' everyday lives much like his mother was part of his. And while Harry might not have a wife and kids of his own yet, it's clear that his extended family means the world to him, too.

"I hope she's looking down, you know, with tears in her eyes, being incredibly proud of what we've established, I suppose," Harry said in an interview with Good Morning America earlier this year. "I'm sure she's longing for me to have kids so she can be a grandmother again."

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