Pumpkin Spiced Latte


Ladies and gentleman, we have a hero in our midst.

Every once in a while, an issue arises that requires someone to speak out. It can be scary to voice your opinion when you are but a lone opinion against the majority, but our society needs these brave outliers to function. Today, we are here to praise one such outlier. 

Sean Bauer is a Philadelphian who is at his wit's end. He has grown exhausted of one of the most prolific trends in our culture: pumpkin spice.

Every year, this flavor invades our national fabric earlier and earlier. First it came at the end of September (you know, when it was actually fall). Then the release date of the now-famed lattes and muffins started creeping closer to summer. Cut to 2016, and chains like McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts are serving pumpkin spice before Labor Day. No more, says Sean Bauer. 

The local activist has decided to take his frustrations to the street in one of our nation's oldest democratic traditions: The protest. For the last few years he has been picketing against this over-proliferation of pumpkin, and he's at it again this year. He has stationed himself in front of the Wawa on South Broad Street in Philadelphia to educate the masses on this cultural (and flavorful) travesty. 

"Stop Premature Pumpkin Spicing," reads his powerful sign. He's also been promoting the problem on his Instagram page, writing "Make America great again by joining me in stopping premature pumpkin spicing!"

His movement is growing slowly—"This is an issue no political candidate is talking about this summer," wrote protest recruit Billy Cress. "That's why when @beansauer asked me to join the fight against this epidemic I was immediately on board." 

Commentors are also jumping on board and offering encouraging words like "PPS [premature pumpkin spice] is the new Christmas in July/bathing suits in January" and "Saying what needed to be said!"

Wondering how you can help this fight? If you can't make it to this Philadelphia Wawa, you can start a protest in your own city. Or, you know, you could just hold off on ordering PSLs until it's actually fall. 

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