When we catch up with our favorite Worsties in the You're the Worst season three premiere, things will be going really well for about half of them. Gretchen (Aya Cash), who battled clinical depression last year, is seeking help for her illness, and her boyfriend Jimmy (Chris Geere) is excited about a new book project he's been working on.

"We're in the best possible place that we could be right now," Geere tells E! News of the couple's status—but of course, things can't stay that way for long. "They get to that nice point where you're like, ‘Hey, we could leave it here, this could be a credits roll love story' and the rug's just pulled again."

Cash tells us that while Gretchen might be doing better, that doesn't mean everyone else is. "My character is definitely on more of an upswing and trying to take care of herself, and of course that means everyone else is swinging lower this season, so there's definitely balance."

Edgar, Jimmy's roommate/unpaid personal assistant, will face his own battle with the PTSD he's struggled with as a veteran. Desmin Borges tells us that his character's storyline is something he takes very seriously.

You're the Worst season 3


"I talk to as many veterans as I can just so that I understand the underbelly of what they're feeling," he says. "Even though Edgar's a very different version of a vet story than we've seen on television, we still want to be giving it the weight and the importance of any other story that we would be telling—but probably even more so just because they normally don't get to see their stories told with such earnest and heart."

And then there's Lindsay (Kether Donohue). Oh, Lindsay. After getting pregnant in a very disturbing manner in an attempt to win her husband back, it appears that her plan might be working.

"They're staying together, they're still married. They're doing it. They're going to have this family," Donohue tells us. "They're going to commit to having the baby and be together, but the confusion and tension and problems that were always there are still there. So now it becomes what crazy lengths will Lindsay go to—because she is an impulsive person—and as a couple what lengths will they go to to hold the family together?"

You're the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX.

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