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That's a wrap, folks—on summer, that is.

Yes, everybody's favorite season of leisure is coming to a close, and its taking said leisure with it. While most of us enjoy what little bits of summer we can in between hours spent in a cubicle, the season's change is felt hardest for our celebrity friends. That's because the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are some of the most luxurious for the A-listers among us; television shows go on hiatus, blockbuster press tours take you on world tours, and days are spent alternating between lounging at the beach and hitting SoulCycle.

So what's a star to do when the sun starts to set and the temperatures start to drop? Mourn, of course. And pay homage to the most memorable moments...which is what we're here for. In closing out Summer Sixteen, we're giving out props to the celebs who really did the season right. To the next glass of rosé!

Best Summer Lovers: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Flings; they're what the season is made of. We don't want to predict where this still-budding relationship is going come the fall, but it's hard to ignore the fact that Hiddleswift got together right as the weather was warming up. Nothing sparks a romance like frolicking through the New England waves, amirite?

Best Childhood: Harper Beckham

Does this girl now how to live while school's out or does this girl know how to live while school's out? Pretty much nobody has done better at kicking back this season than the youngest of the Beckham clan. She's been jet-setting, she's been keeping up with her watercolor paintings, she's been playing with dolls. There isn't a multiplication table or summer reading list in sight for the little one, and we couldn't be more jealous.

Most Iced Coffee Consumed: Emma Roberts

The best part of summer is unarguably the fact that you can start ordering iced coffee, and Emma Roberts has taken advantage of that in spades. If it's a day that ends in "d-a-y," she's drinking her coffee chilled. She's spent so much money at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that they should probably just make her a brand ambassador. 

Emma Roberts, Evan Peters

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Best Makeunder: Emma Stone

What better time to launch a self-transformation? The La La Land actress went back to her roots and changed from platinum blonde locks to her natural auburn hair. We commend her for resisting the all-too-natural urge to turn a summer makeover into an excuse to turn oneself into some sort of My Little Pony-esque character. Instead of rainbow locks, she chose something that actually makes sense. You're too good for all of us, Emma Stone. 

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

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Most Workouts: Khloe Kardashian

Summer is supposed to be a time of rest. Gym rats are supposed to lay down their arms and retire to swimming pools, movie theaters and professional eating competitions. But instead of gorging on Bomb Pops and lounging on oceanside chaise lounges, KoKo's been at the gym every damn second. We don't know whether to praise her or heckle her for making the rest of the summer warriors look gluttonous, but regardless she still won this award.

Best Day Drinking Escapade: Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson

These. Two. Are. National. Heroes. They sat outside at a restaurant New York drinking summer wines for eight hours. This puts every other day drinking episode to shame. You think you had a marathon session at that pol party? You think that time you went to the brewery all day was impressive? Josh and Ruth drank for so long that multiple meal times came and went. May we all seek to rise to your wine-consumption level.

Best Summer Prints: Reese Witherspoon

Florals, seersucker, pastel stripes...the gang's all here! And by "here" we mean "Reese Witherspoon's closet." She dressed every day like it was her sole duty to inform all passerby that, yes, it is the summer season, and it's time to get on board. 

Reese Witherspoon

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Best Vacation: Zac Efron's Whirlwind Rio Trip

The source of many a warm-weather bragging right is the summer vacation. What else are you going to write your back-to-school essay on? Zac Efron takes home the award this year both for his ability to scrounge an epic trip together last minute, and the fact that he spent said trip making the dreams of young girls come true. What a selfless summer. 

Best Weather-Appropriate Outfit: Rihanna

This is such a normal outfit to be wearing in August, that we don't even know what to say about. Rihanna always knows how to put together an outfit that's perfect for every occasion, and this is the ideal example of her skills. What a comfortable summer ensemble! Prepare to see this look everywhere during next year's festival season. 


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Bushiest Off-Season Beard: Bradley Cooper

Besides the aforementioned day drinking, non-exercising gluttony and vacationing, summer is the time when celebrities can hang loose, appearance-speaking. In fact, hiatus is actually Latin for I'm not going to shave for three months. Brad schooled us all what that really means.  

Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill


Breakout Performance of the Summer: Orlando Bloom's Crotch

Have you seen the work that Orlando Bloom's crotch put out in Italy? It was a masterpiece! His crotch had barely been out on the scene before, but after this summer everyone who's anyone knows its name. It was the crotch-bearing to end all crotch-bearings, and you can bet that we'll all be hearing from it this awards season. 

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