Thanks to Ryan Lochte and Laurie Hernandez, two Olympians fresh off the 2016 Rio games, Dancing With the Stars season 23 may have two of its most famous faces yet… and then there are the other 11 contestants. That's not to say the remaining Stars aren't famous in their own right, but they don't necessarily have that immediate name recognition. How do we know? We asked people.

E! News asked five random people—a lawyer, a police officer, a DWTS superfan, a former entertainment reporter and a theme park attractions host—to identify the cast without googling, just based on their names.

So, just how famous is the Dancing With the Stars cast? Let's find out…

Dancing With the Stars


Amber Rose
Lawyer: "With the shaved head and the boobs...she's a thing. I know who she is. The mail guy watches her videos on his desk."
Former entertainment reporter: "Kanye's ex-boo."
Theme park attractions host: "Kanye West's inspiration for 'Gold Digger.' But basically started as a video girl and then dated Wiz Khalifa! And now she has her own TV show!!!"
Police officer: "She's got a big ole butt, not sure why she's famous though. I think cause she bangs some rappers, right?"
Superfan: "Ugh, I can't stand her. I know who she is but I have no idea why she's famous."

Who she really is: A talk show host, model, actress and former Kayne West flame and wife to Wiz Khalifa.

Laurie Hernandez, DWTS


Laurie Hernandez
Lawyer: "The Olympian, I know who she is. The Fab Five?"
Former entertainment reporter: "Boss ass gymnast. Will probably win."
Theme park attractions host: "She is one of the female Olympic gymnasts!"
Police officer: "She's the gymnast, I think. Played second fiddle to Biles and Raisman."
Superfan: "The gymnast?! From the Olympics?! Oh wow, she's doing it?!"

Who she really is: An Olympic gymnast.

Dancing With the Stars


Maureen McCormick
Lawyer: "I just keep thinking of the seasoning...nope I've got nothing."
Former entertainment reporter: "'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!'"
Theme park attractions host: "Marcia Brady! She's still so pretty."
Police officer: "Sounds like a good Irish girl. Other than that I've never heard of her."
Superfan: "Oh my god, ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!'"

Who she really is: McCormick starred in The Brady Bunch as Marcia Brady. She's also written her memoir and released a country album.

Dancing With the Stars


Terra Jole
Lawyer: "Billy Joel's daughter? I have no idea."
Former entertainment reporter: "If her title is ‘Social Media Influencer,' I will burn this place to the ground."
Theme park attractions host: "I have no idea, but cool name!"
Police officer: "That's a person's name?"
Superfan: "I don't know, a rap person?"

Who she really is: Star of Lifetime's Little Women: LA.

Dancing With the Stars


Marilu Henner
Lawyer: "I know her. She's a gymnast. No, no...She's Taxi. That's her, with the red hair. Valerie Cherish's rival in the pilot of The Comeback."
Former entertainment reporter: "Reality star of some kind, I'm sure."
Theme park attractions host: "I have no idea who that is."
Police officer: "No clue."
Superfan: "Oh, I think she's just an older actress. She's not the gymnast from years ago, is she?"

Who she really is: Henner starred on Taxi from 1978-1983 and has gone on to perform on Broadway and appear in countless other TV shows. She's known for having hyperthymesia.

Vanilla Ice

Larry Marano/Getty Images

Vanilla Ice
Lawyer: "The rapper."
Former entertainment reporter: "The star of the Academy-Award winning film Cool as Ice."
Theme park attractions host: "A rapper! Ice ice baby!"
Police officer: "Ice ice baby. I can't believe he is still trying to be famous. He's gotta give up."
Superfan: "[hysterical laughter] Oh my god. Ice ice baby, right? Didn't he become a handyman or something. I like him though."

Who he really is: A rapper who burst onto the scene in the 1990s.

Calvin Johnson, EMBARGO until 08/30/16 at 9am EST

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Calvin Johnson
Lawyer: "I don't know."
Former entertainment reporter: "MEGATRON. The Detroit Lions are screwed without him."
Theme park attractions host: "Maybe a basketball player?"
Police officer: "Megatron, he just retired, too."
Superfan: "It sounds like an athlete."

Who he really is: Former football player with the Detroit Lions.

Dancing With the Stars


Jake T. Austin
Lawyer: "The singer? I don't know, I just figured I'd guess."
Former entertainment reporter: "That sounds like a Disney star. It's the middle initial that tips your off."
Theme park attractions host: "From Wizards of Waverly Place and that's about it, I think."
Police officer: "If he's not related to Stone Cold, I'd be upset."
Superfan: "No clue."

Who he really is: Actor known for The Wizards of Waverly Place and The Fosters.

Dancing With the Stars


Lawyer: "'And then I hear Babyface, I only think of you...' and Yolanda's friend from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."
Former entertainment reporter: "The man who sang all the slow songs at my junior high dances, i.e. ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes'"
Theme park attractions host: "I'm pretty sure it's a guy and he's a musician of sorts, but I don't know any of his music. "
Police officer: "That's his name? Got me!"
Superfan: "Oh! He's a singer or something."

Who he really is: A singer-songwriter and producer who has won 11 Grammys.

James Hinchcliffe, EMBARGO until 08/30/16 at 9am EST

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

James Hinchcliffe
Lawyer: "I don't know who that is."
Former entertainment reporter: "There's usually an old sitcom star. Is that who he is?"
Theme park attractions host: "I don't know him either! Are these all old people? I'm sorry!"
Police officer: "Never heard of him."
Superfan: "No clue."

Who he really is: A Canadian race car driver in the IndyCar Series. He was in a serious crash during practice for the 2015 Indy 500.

Dancing With the Stars


Rick Perry
Lawyer: "The governor?! Governor Rick Perry? Stop! Jesus Christ."
Former entertainment reporter: "Ugh."
Theme park attractions host: "A Republican politician."
Police officer: "That's the Texas governor, right? Runs for president all the time?"
Superfan: "I don't know, an athlete."

Who he really is: Former governor of Texas and Republican presidential candidate.

Ryan Lochte, Cheryl Burke, Good Morning America


Ryan Lochte
Lawyer: "I know who he is. A lot of Olympians, huh?"
Former entertainment reporter: "Wanted by Brazilian police. Michael Phelps' towel boy. Was a swimmer at some point, I think."
Theme park attractions host: "Ohhhhh Ryan Lochte! The Olympic swimmer. Remember his reality show? I remember feeling like I was losing brain cells while watching it. He seems....nice."
Police officer: "Oh god, this guy needs to crawl in a hole and hide for awhile. He's attention hungry, it's sad."
Superfan: "Oh god, I know who he is. He is the disgraced swimmer now."

Who he really is: Olympic swimmer who caused a stir in Rio with his story about a robbery that wasn't quite that.

Jana Kramer, ACM 2016, EMBARGO until 08/30/16 at 9am EST

John Shearer/WireImage

Jana Kramer
Lawyer: "Janet Kramer? Jana Kramer…It sounds familiar."
Former entertainment reporter: "Three words: ONE. TREE. HILL."
Theme park attractions host: "Maybe like a former supermodel?"
Police officer: "Never heard of her."
Superfan: "I have no clue."

Who she really is: A country music star and actress. She's appeared in shows such as Entourage, 90210 and One Tree Hill.

Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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