Teresa Giudice, Phil Robertson, Rachel Frederickson, Alana Thompson, Reality TV

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Scandals Week, Theme Week

If there's one thing we've learned while watching reality TV, it's the simple fact that storylines can get very real very quickly.

And sometimes, those unscripted twists and turn can lead to front page headlines and even worse—show cancellations.

Some programs such as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo faced scandals that resulted in no more air-time. But for others like Big Brother, it provided an important reminder of how not to behave and maybe a few network complaints too.

In honor of E! News' scandal week, we're looking back at some of reality TV's most shocking scandals on and off camera. In addition, we're investigating how the faces behind the headlines are living their lives today.

You may just be surprised who's moved on and who's still stuck in their dramatic ways.

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