Rihanna, Wink

Twitter is losing their shiz over the fact that apparently, Rihanna isn't the greatest at winking. How someone noticed this trend is beyond us, but one Twitter user, @NotAgainBen sure did. Bless you. Thankfully, for the rest of us on the Internet, he made a roundup of some serious proof that Riri can't really wink. Don't get us wrong. She still looks flawless no matter what, even when she uses two eyes to wink. That's right, people. She uses two eyes. Honestly, it's just another reason to love her, right? It happens to the best of us.

Twitter is going literally bonkers over this realization and shows no sign of chilling the eff out over this. To be real, has anyone ever thought that the rest of us were actually the ones winking incorrectly this whole time? That Riri is such a bad gal she's invented her own blink-wink? THINK ABOUT IT. She's def chic enough to come up with a trend like that. Ugh, so epic. Below are a few of our favorites from Twitter. We hope you enjoy.


It's true. 

How did we never notice this before?!

RiRi wins with a huge statue of herself

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