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Oh to be a fly on the wall, rather a windshield in this case, for House of Cards stars Kate Mara and Michael Kelly's road trips. The two Netflix stars stopped by The Late Late Show and dished about their time in the car traveling from New York City to Baltimore for House of Cards. It sounds like they had some…interesting times.

"What's a Kate and Kelly road trip like?" host James Corden asked them.

"It's kind of like a slumber party. Like an all-girls slumber party. He's very manly, don't get me wrong, but we don't listen to a lot of music," Mara said.

No music?

"When we got to Balitmore I was like we never even turned on the radio," Kelly said.

"He loves to talk," Mara joked.

The characters they play on House of Cards are pretty different from them in real life, so Kelly would take the 3 hours (or 2 hours, depending on who was driving, Mara said) to slip into the Doug Stamper mindset.

"It's also my time to sort of slide into my character. I use that drive to get into."

"So you just become darker…you leave New York with this really sunny guy and as you arrive, you're like…" Corden said.

"Terrifying," Mara said.

"'Later!'" Kelly finished for Corden.

Sounds like a better ride than carpooling with Doug Stamper and Zoe Barnes though. Speaking of carpooling, have you seen Corden's ride with Britney Spears? It's not one to miss.

And if you want more weird stories, well, Kelly has a family heirloom: a fur jock strap. Apparently he played with it. We're all Kate Mara here, stop buying fur jock straps. At least he didn't have it for their carpool.

The Late Late Show airs weeknights at 12:37 on CBS.

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