ESC: Beauty Beat, Jaimie Alexander

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If you watch NBC's Blindspot, you know exactly who Jaimie Alexander is.

On the show the actress plays Jane Doe, a mysterious woman with no past. While her character is pretty low maintenance in the beauty department (she spends hours in hair and makeup getting covered in tattoos for the role), it might surprise you to learn that the actress doesn't really fuss too much with makeup IRL, either. She does, however, have a few go-to products that she considers to be staples.

To find out what she uses every day, what product she's absolutely over using and the only makeup product that you'll ever catch her wearing during a workout, keep reading!

What's your everyday makeup look?
Very natural with a little bit of black eyeliner and lip balm.

What is your signature lip color?
I love the natural look of Subculture lip liner by MAC mixed with lip balm.

Bronzer or blush?
Neither. I hate both. Occasionally I do a little contour with the Tom Ford palette.

What are your go-to hair products for everyday? What product can you not live without?
I like Oribe mousse; however I don't use too many hair products. I'm a huge fan of bandanas and hats.

Any current product obsessions?
I love this new skin care line called In Fiore based in San Francisco. They use natural oils.

What product do you think is overrated?
Face wash. I like to remove my makeup with oil. Face wash tends to dry your skin out and strip your natural PH balance.

What makeup do you wear to the gym, if any?
I don't ever wear makeup to the gym, but if I'm coming from work I might have eyeliner on.

What's your signature scent? 
I occasionally wear Miss Dior perfume. It's quite elegant and feminine. It reminds me of a romantic evening out.

F.Y.I. The Blindspot season premiere is on Sept.14th on NBC.

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