Orlando Shooting Vigil

Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

Faith in humanity has been restored. Orlando Health and Florida Hospital, two hospitals that treated victims of the Pulse nightclub attack, have vowed not to bill any shooting victim treated in their hospitals for out-of-pocket expenses. The Orlando Sentinel also notes, instead of bills, the hospitals will write off roughly $5.5 million. At OH, the hospital will also cover whatever costs insured patients cannot get covered. FH, on the other hand, does not plan on billing insurance companies of the victims or billing patients for any follow-up procedures.

OH's primary hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center, is responsible for treating 44 of the 50 plus victims needing immediate medical attention. FH treated a dozen injured clubgoers as well. 

It's one thing to deal with a tragedy like the Pulse nightclub shooting. Having insane medical bills to pay because of it, can only put more unbearable weight on the situation. Officials at FH said the bills at their hospital are more than $525,000. Thankfully, there are still some good people in the world, who plan on taking care of it all.

Celebs react to the Orlando shooting 

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